In our highly litigious culture, it is sadly necessary to protect oneself from predatory individuals looking to take advantage of a bad word by a third party to sue a website owner. Likewise, spam, those lacking charity and other considerations can cause headaches.
While at the present, US case law does not allow web owners to be prosecuted for third party comments, one never knows how courts will suddenly shift gears and make new law. At present however, what is written on websites is still protected speech, so I have gotten less restrictive in my comments. Anyone may comment, yet to protect myself and my family, all comments go to moderation. I welcome all comments, suggestions and constructive criticism, as well as factual corrections when I have written something that is in error. If anyone thinks my fears are overly conspiratorial, I urge them to listen to this: Canadian website sued and shut down for third party comments. Don’t think it can’t happen here!

Athanasius Contra Mundum

4 thoughts on “Comments

  1. RJ


    I wasn’t able to download your podcast to my computer when I right clicked on your download button. I normally have no problem with other sites in this matter. Thanks for your help.

    1. rubens7 Post author

      This probably should have been submitted in the comments for the Aude Sapere podcast, but that’s fine. I have just reformatted it, give it another try.

  2. sidoine

    Hello, not sure I write in proper place but anyway…
    I landed your website by hasard, and even though we share same views, I am quite disturbed about the title of your site on ” neither progressive nor reactionary conservatives”. For me these words are non sense. Let me explain.
    There are 3 categories of people :
    – Progressists (nearly a half of people) are following their foolish and destructive ideas, thinking anything new is necessarily better ;
    – Conservatives (a big half of people) are fighting the progressists only until progressist ideas are winning and imposed, but when they are back in power they NEVER go backward, instead they finally consider that it is better to let things as they are, that going backward is impossible, and promise that never they will accept to go further… until the next step is won by progressists. This is true in everything, politics (laws against freedom of speech), morality (abortion, “same sex wedding”), religion (novus ordo, interreligious discussions).
    – Finally, the third residual category of people (I would say not even 5%) are Reactionaries. I am proud to belong to them and I guess you ignore to belong too. Reactionaries do not consider that past manners were always better (even though it is often true), but they consider that when something is really bad it is really important to fight to go backward, refusing the ideological totalitarism imposed by progressists, and mocking the cowardness of conservatives who are “conserving” the progressist laws.
    Reactionary is not a bad word, it should be a pride. In the current times, and with the current new manners followed by our Church, it is more than ever important to react, it is more than ever important to be a reactionary. Just like our Lord with the merchants of the Temple.
    Therefore may I suggest that you change your site banner by removing the “reactionary” word unfairly attached the “conservatives” ?
    In corde Jesu

    1. rubens7 Post author

      Perhaps by what you understand as “Reactionary” is understood by the last line, “Only Catholic Traditionalists”, as the normal meaning of “reactionary” is someone who does not respond from principles but reacts in opposition to this or that.
      We do not respond to the progressives as though we are defined by them, this is what happens with neo-conservatives, they are preserving an earlier stage of revolution before the bar moved left. Their principles are defined by what the other side is now.
      Catholic Traditionalists adhere to the Tradition handed on by Christ to the Apostles, to the Fathers, medievals and even to us. We oppose the progressives and the conservatives by what we are defined by, rather than what they are defined by. So, perhaps consider changing your identification from “reactionary” to “Traditioanlist”?


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