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In our highly litigious culture, it is sadly necessary to protect oneself from predatory individuals looking to take advantage of a bad word by a third party to sue a website owner. Likewise, spam, those lacking charity and other considerations can cause headaches.
While at the present, US case law does not allow web owners to be prosecuted for third party comments, one never knows how courts will suddenly shift gears and make new law. At present however, what is written on websites is still protected speech, so I have gotten less restrictive in my comments. Anyone may comment, yet to protect myself and my family, all comments go to moderation. I welcome all comments, suggestions and constructive criticism, as well as factual corrections when I have written something that is in error. If anyone thinks my fears are overly conspiratorial, I urge them to listen to this: Canadian website sued and shut down for third party comments. Don’t think it can’t happen here!

Athanasius Contra Mundum