Interview 037 — Fr. Ioannes Petrus on the apparition of La Salette

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Image result for la saletteToday, Fr. Ioannes Petrus rejoins us to speak about La Salette which not only covers the apparition, but debunks certain myths about it on both the left and the right, as well as its relation to the 19th century, Popes in that century, and the fate of Italy and France.

Interview Notes: [Coming Soon]

4 thoughts on “Interview 037 — Fr. Ioannes Petrus on the apparition of La Salette

  1. rubens7 Post author

    NB: Iohannes Petrus is a pseudonym for the good father, but he is known to myself and many as a Catholic priest in good standing with the Church.
    Criticisms or questions about anything Father says are welcome. Snide, obnoxious and otherwise wayward and worthless comments will be deleted.

    1. Marcin Zelazny

      I don’t know if I have heard it right but at the very end of the podcast Fr. Petrus says we have to stay with the altered liturgy. Is that what he’s said or did I mishear him. Perhaps he’s said Altar and Liturgy.

      1. rubens7 Post author

        I will listen and see; I had to manipulate the audio because for some reason it recorded rather low and that could have caused it to sound off. I do happen to know that is NOT what Fr. Joannes Petrus believes, so it is probably an audio glitch.

  2. Cm Bell

    Thank you for these interviews, they’re really great! Is there any way people can send in questions? There’s so much I’d love to ask and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone in my diocese that can handle certain topics.


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