Aude Sapere Podcast 004 – Scottish Independence


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If you have seen the news about the Scottish Independence referendum and wondered, “How did Scotland get in the Union anyway? Why are they trying to leave?” Today we will trace the origins of Scotland’s inclusion in the UK, in all of the gory details. Join us, as we go from the Stuarts to Bonnie Prince Charlie.

4 thoughts on “Aude Sapere Podcast 004 – Scottish Independence

    1. rubens7 Post author

      I don’t have one. I’m so far in the dark ages that I only have an RSS feed (top left corner). I’m only now upgrading my microphone to something decent, which will improve both the podcasts and interviews. However I did look up a feed url, so I will be researching that and getting it in. Wouldn’t have known about that otherwise.
      You can also right-click the download button and hit save as.

  1. William

    Absolutely amazing! I thought I was pretty well read about all things Scotland, but I learned a lot from this. I started researching about the bribery you talked about for the act of Union, and I found out was even worse. Queensbury had both the opposition and the support bribed (e.g. clan Cameron). I can tell that you’re not just blindly reading bullet points, you really have this down. To the little fellow in black velvet!

    Scottish ex-pat

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