Interview 003 – Chris Jasper on the history of Gregorian Chant


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Gregorian chant is forgotten, secular music is entering the liturgy. Tradition is despised, and unworthy musical pieces multiply faster than the Church can check them. Is this the 1970’s? Try the1470’s. Really? Join us for a discussion of the history of chant and its use in the liturgy. From birth, to loss to restoration.

11 thoughts on “Interview 003 – Chris Jasper on the history of Gregorian Chant

  1. Richard

    This totally goes against the grain, but its interesting, I just don’t know what to think. It seems to me like any music in the middle ages was better than what it is in Churches today.

  2. Dan the trad

    This completely changed my view of chant. More to help us realize that the crisis is not just what happened before Vatican II.

      1. Carmen

        Can you tell me if this is the site where Christopher made other interviews, or singing, etc. He told me he had other interviews or singing, but I can’t remember who it was with, would you happen to know? Thank you.

  3. Carmen

    Oh yes, but I thought he mentioned that he had other interviews (or singing) that were recorded. Maybe that was with someone else?

    1. Hallam Catholic

      I came across his YouTube videos a few months ago.
      They are just as good as this excellent interview, thanks for posting it. In these videos he discusses many different aspects of chant, unfortunately they do seem to stop rarther abruptly. I have wondered what happened to him. Glad to hear he is following his monastic vocation.

      1. Carmen

        Thank you, I have seen his videos also. He had told me that someone had made some other recordings but had not posted them yet, but I couldn’t remember who. I will contact him. Thank you!

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