Aude Sapere Podcast 003 – Why Catholics should care about 9-11


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Today we give a basic overview of lingering issues concerning 9/11 and address the question: What is conspiracy theory? Have there been proven conspiracies before? Is 9/11 a conspiracy? More importantly, why should Catholics care about 9/11? Join us.


Brief history of false flag attacks
Japanese blew up their own railroad to justify invading Manchuria
Operation Northwoods (With scans of de-classified documents)
Gulf of Tonkin a lie
Architects for 9/11 truth

Insider Trading on the morning of 9/11 1
Buildings burned longer than Twin towers
Twin towers were designed to survive impact by airplaines
News says tower 7 fell before it fell
9/11 Families question official story
Debate on the Patriot Act
Biden takes credit for the Patriot Act
Elizabethan England was a police state
Portrait of Elizabeth with eyes and ears

5 thoughts on “Aude Sapere Podcast 003 – Why Catholics should care about 9-11

  1. Vickie

    Thank you for giving this summary. It is a real third rail. It seems that even people who are aware that government agencies can be abusive, shut down over 9/11. It is most painful thing. I too, since I was not getting anywhere with people put it on the back-burner. Unfortunately 9/11 is used as the excuse for whatever violence governments want to perpetrate. I am a nobody so i can be dismissed as a crazy person. Catholics especially just seem to want to go along.


  2. alan stemp

    Hmmm….Covering up for a major ally….?

    Y’know, it wasn’t Saudi Arabia that jumped to mind for me.

    Just sayin’.

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