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Aude Sapere 005 – Q & A with Athanasius Contra Mundum

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Battle of Blenheim, one of the decisive victories of the War of Spanish Succession

Battle of Blenheim, one of the decisive victories of the War of Spanish Succession

Today I take 6 questions which I have received, and with a few exceptions have already answered privately. Continue reading

Aude Sapere Podcast 003 – Why Catholics should care about 9-11


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Today we give a basic overview of lingering issues concerning 9/11 and address the question: What is conspiracy theory? Have there been proven conspiracies before? Is 9/11 a conspiracy? More importantly, why should Catholics care about 9/11? Join us.


Brief history of false flag attacks
Japanese blew up their own railroad to justify invading Manchuria
Operation Northwoods (With scans of de-classified documents)
Gulf of Tonkin a lie
Architects for 9/11 truth

Insider Trading on the morning of 9/11 1
Buildings burned longer than Twin towers
Twin towers were designed to survive impact by airplaines
News says tower 7 fell before it fell
9/11 Families question official story
Debate on the Patriot Act
Biden takes credit for the Patriot Act
Elizabethan England was a police state
Portrait of Elizabeth with eyes and ears

Aude Sapere Podcast 002 -The War on Terror and Iraq

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Today we are talking about the War on Terror around the world with specific mention of the consequences in Iraq. Why are Iraqi Christians suffering now? Why are other Muslims, and smaller religious groups like Yazhidis suffering and being pushed out from their homes? Two words, American Policy. Join us.


Episode Notes:
From the Intro: The Principle (Trailer)

CIA funded Osama Bin Laden
US government links to Bin Laden
Government document showing Osama was classified as agent “Tim Osman”
100,000 dead civilians in Afghanistan (NB: I made a mistake in the podcast, I looked at the Korean war numbers when I read it)
CBS News: Osama in Pakistani military hospital September 10
Chevron buys oil futures in Northern Iraq
Dan Rather reports Obama was in a military hospital September 10
Condaleeza Rice’s relationship with Chevron
(Again, the article referenced VP Dick Cheney, and VP stuck in my head when I spoke. Man I need to get better at this!)
The Moriartys reveal the truth about the Libyan War
9-11 a conspiracy theory (a video montage of why the government’s story is logically nonsense)