5 thoughts on “Interview 017 – John Medaille on Distributism and Economics

  1. khkofair

    I just left another comments so allow me to make a passing one here as well: Very interesting! Although you are a bit uncritical at times when it would have been more interesting and educating to have the interviewee pushed a bit to explain and defend a thesis or statement further, because they were often radically opposed to “common knowledge.”

    1. rubens7 Post author

      because they were often radically opposed to “common knowledge.”

      What exactly is “common knowledge” and why should I take it into account since so often what people call common knowledge turns out to be quite false anyway. I feel I do a good job at raising questions and objections to the positions of most of the people I interview, though I give them a wide birth to talk. I make no claims to objectivity, and I already have agreement with those I interview at least to the extent of the topic at hand. But I did take many libertarian responses to challenge John with.

  2. khkofair

    You should take mainstream views into account because it is often false and you (or the person you interview) want to show why and how they are, and showcase (in this case) distributism as the other. The fact that there is no claim to objectivity is why it would be easier to pick apart the false common knowledge by questions and answers instead of simply steam-rolling over it and laughing.

    I listened to it some days ago but as I remember it was a back and forward of: “Libertarians will say…”, “Answer.”; “And then libertarians will say…”, “Answer.”; and no “But…”, “You say that x, what if y?” That is what I mean by steam-rolling over it, a simple rejection instead of a… dissection (perhaps?). You could argue that this isn’t what they’re meant for but I am afraid that leads to that only the already inaugurated can take part, and I think that would be a wasted opportunity.

    Thanks for your reply!

    1. rubens7 Post author

      Well, we only have an hour and a half to two hours. The other thing is, I did take the general mainstream views into account in regard to the Libertarians. They’re objections always come down to “crony capitalism, its not real capitalism.” So we refuted that. None of that is to say any of it is definitive and we will never return to more careful considerations. I wanted to cover a number of different issue with John. Thanks.

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