Interview 028 – Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD on Metaphysics, Evolution, Divorce and Remarraige

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ripperger_pipePrepare for the Exhortation by getting the right principles to judge it! Fr. Ripperger rejoins us for a serious conversation on Metaphysics, its importance, the Thomistic tradition in metaphysics and how the modern philosophy and evolution are opposed to the principles of metaphysics and are the main cause for divorce and remarriage. You’ll want to listen to this one twice.



Resources for Fr. Ripperger
Interview 008 – Exorcism and issues in Theology
The Metaphysics of Evolution
Introduction to the Science of Mental Health
The Morality of the Exterior Act

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Evolution—For the inability of evolution to stand the test as a scientific argument, see Interview 011 with Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center
Gender identity disorder
Girl believes she is cat trapped in human body
One false doctrine makes a religion false

21 thoughts on “Interview 028 – Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD on Metaphysics, Evolution, Divorce and Remarraige

  1. ryannx211

    I think we fall into a trap when we engage in the misuse of the term Gender which Mr. Grant correctly identified as a grammatical term.
    Those promoting a distorted view prefer it for a good reason.
    Gender is arbitrary. In Spanish, a table is feminine but that sort of thing has little or nothing to do with sex. Gander is a grammatical term referring to a goose of the male sex but the word itself does not have a sex.
    On the other hand, Sex is determined by Nature and is not arbitrary. They don’t want that.

    1. rubens7 Post author

      Exactly. It is an important observation. When I teach Latin the biggest hurdle to helping students understand pronouns, and consequently the clauses dependent upon them, is understanding grammatical gender. We don’t understand grammatical gender at all, linguistically it is disassociated from the ontology of the object, it is understood merely by relation. So when the social engineers and the powers that shouldn’t be introduced that, I believe they knew what they were doing. Introduce a term that has nothing to do with being, so one can merely identify as—well, it has become whatever, like that poor girl who “identifies as a cat” and instead of getting help, is applauded. It is like that quote I have seen applied to St. Anthony of the Desert, “The time will come when everyone will be mad, and they will see us who are sane and say ‘kill him, he is not mad like us!'”

      1. ryannx211


        Unfortunately, when I asked Fr. Ripperger if his use of the word ‘gender’ was just a sop to the revolutionaries, he replied that it was to convey a broader sense than is implied by the word sex.
        I wish he would stop using their language and insist on more precise terms. Otherwise, I take no issue whatsoever with what he says.

      2. rubens7 Post author

        For him it is a mere question of logical categories and metaphysics; can gender be received in a way that doesn’t support the gay agenda, yes, but in fact it is being used to divorce the soul from ontology, so he would accept it in the former and reject it in the latter. It is a mere question of philosophy in his standpoint.

  2. Captain Obvious

    Thank you for the interview. I could listen to Father Ripperger all day. Can you tell me what the hymn at the beginning is?

    1. rubens7 Post author

      It is not so much a hymn, it is from the Jupiter theme of Gustav Holst’s Planets, which was adapted for the famous British patriotic song “I vow to thee my country.” It was also adopted for many Catholic hymns in France in the early 20th century and it has always had a strong association for me with the Miraculous Medal.

      1. Captain Obvious

        Thanks. I first heard it at Mass. When I heard it in your intro I realized how good it was. It often takes me a few hearings to recognize good music.

      1. rubens7 Post author

        It is actually Holst’s theme for Jupiter from the planets. I know because I cut the track myself. I vow to thee my country was actually written by Sir Cecil Rice, and Holst adapted the Jupiter theme from the planets for I vow to thee my country.

  3. Alexander

    I have listened to hours of Fr. Ripperger and it always very clear and helpful; particularity his talks on exorcism and spiritual warfare.

    Off topic: Have you made progress on analyzing modern canonization with regards to John Paul II? A while back you said you were looking into it. It’s an issue that I can’t quite figure out and it has done harm to my faith.

  4. Joseph Camaioni

    You really rang a bell with me when you tied Kant to Einstein, with the idea that no absolute space or time exists. There are many paradoxes in his theories. Please look at Robert Sungenis’ and Dr. Robert Bennett’s work on geocentrism and their movie, Journey to the Center of the Universe. Essentially modern science has not been able to prove that the earth is in motion or in its contrapositive has proven that the earth is stationary, including all experiments in physics for the past 2 centuries. So Psalm 93 comes to mind, to take quite literally. Some highlights are; The Michelson experiments showed that the earth had small motion in the ether(not the 66,000 mph around the sun), but was ignored by Einstein, treated as a disproof of the existence of the ether, and then introduced Special Relativity, explaining away all concepts of absolute time and space. Likewise the Cosmic Background Radiation map of the universe by COBE(1992), WMAP(2004) and Planck(2009) satelites has symmetries, dubbed the axis of evil by modern science, which bottom line disproves the big bang theory. And you may have guessed, these symmetries line up and intersect with the earth at the center of the universe. Only a few foreign scientists have bravely stated that this possibility must be considered. So it appears the entire cosmology of Einstein is contrived to obfuscate this and all scientists if this occurs to them hold it closely in fear of their jobs. Can you imagine an honest news flash being reported like, “Planck satellite data indicates Earth at the center of the universe!”, or “Big Bang theory trashed!”, “Special and General Theory of Relativity debunked!”. Instead our thinking ability must be mired in Reimanian geometry in order to attempt to make new discoveries in science. I can’t help thinking of Salvatore Dali’s painting, “Pesistence of Memory”.

    1. rubens7 Post author

      Please look at Robert Sungenis’ and Dr. Robert Bennett’s work on geocentrism and their movie, Journey to the Center of the Universe.

      Well, I have already interviewed Dr. Sungenis here, and in that interview we entered on a lengthy discussion of Einstein.

      1. Joseph Camaioni

        And quite good interviews they are, as I have listened to them both. But there was a quote of
        Friedrich Nietzsche I think by Dr. Sungenis from Also Sprach Zarathustra book I am having trouble finding again. If you can give me an idea where exactly it is, I would greatly appreciate

  5. Marc

    It would be a tremendous service to many people, myself included, to hear both Fr. Ripperger and Fr. Ioannes Petrus discuss the new exhortation. We have heard little trustworthy clerical opinion on this matter thus far.

    1. rubens7 Post author

      I would surmise that the clerical response has been rather short because any priests that are doing their job probably do not have the time to read a 264 page document in the middle of all their responsibilities. Even if they did, who wants to line up to be defrocked?
      I hear what you are saying though. I just don’t see it happening much. I have not asked Fr. Ioannes Petrus (which is a nomme du guerre) or Fr. Ripperger because I do not believe they would be willing to speak for one reason or another. If I do end up getting a solid priest to talk about it, I will happily put it up. Right now I am working on compiling the teachings of the tradition to explicate marriage correctly and provide the principles for Catholics to apply in this regard.

      1. kmo

        Perhaps you can get Fr. James Martin, SJ or possibly even Fr. Thomas Rosica might be willing to interview you on the new exhortation.

      2. rubens7 Post author

        Ha! I haven’t read it, and I don’t really plan to. I’m planning a podcast on the subject that will examine it from a different angle.

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