Interview -019 Fr. Joannes Petrus on Revolution and Counter Revolution Part 1

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pilgrimage-of-grace-bannerToday we are joined by Fr. Joannes Petrus, a priest who has researched and studied revolution as well as the occult, masonry and history. Today we discuss the theology of revolution and counter-revolution, and the historical realities playing out in the life of the Church. Father also discusses the occult, free masonry, gay marriage and other things facing the Church today.

 You can find more sermons by Fr. Joannes Petrus at the St. Vincent Ferrer Foundation.


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Interview Notes:

secular poetry = veniunt spectare, spectatae veniunt
chiasm worksheet from Father
Pope Martin IV
Sicilian Vespers
Charles of Anjou
Boniface VIII slapped by Nogaret
St. Andrew Corsini (Carmelite)
-Martin IV and eels: Dante added a verse about Martin IV in the Divine Comedy:
dal Torso fu, e purga per digiuno
l’anguille di Bolsena e la vernaccia.
He came from Tours — and he by fasting purges
The eels of Bolsena and Vernaccia’s wine.

-Purgatorio, Canto XXIV, line 23-24
Bl. Francis Palau
Moscow as 3rd Rome
Henry VIII
Act of Royal Supremacy
Unpopularity of Anne Boelyn
Pilgrimage of Grace
Elizabethan police state
1641 Ulster Rebellion
New Model Army
Oliver Cromwell
In the recording I said Lollards, I meant Levellers
John Lilburne
Popish Plot
American Revolution as purely secular order – See Liberty the God that Failed by C. Ferrara, as well as Nature’s God: The Heretical Origins of the American Republic by Matthew Stewart
Violence against Tory Loyalists
In the “Rights of Man“, an answer to Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine attacked the Pope:

“The French Constitution hath abolished or renounced Toleration and Intolerance also, and hath established UNIVERSAL RIGHT OF CONSCIENCE.
Toleration is not the opposite of Intolerance, but is the counterfeit of it. Both are despotisms. The one assumes to itself the right of withholding Liberty of Conscience, and the other of granting it. The one is the Pope armed with fire and faggot, and the other is the Pope selling or granting indulgences. The former is church and state, and the latter is church and traffic.”

Quebec act on the Intolerable acts
Occult in America since the beginning
Benjamin Franklin and the Hellfire Club
Comte de St. Germain, Benjamin Franklin and the Occult (pro-masonry source)
Emmanuel Swedenborg
Mitch Horrowitz: Occult America
-Scalia: “if you want abortion, do it the constitutional way”:

“My difficulty with Roe v. Wade is a legal rather than a moral one: I do not believe (and, for two hundred years, no one believed) that the Constitution contains a right to abortion. And if a state were to permit abortion on demand, I would and could in good conscience vote against an attempt to invalidate that law for the same reason that I vote against the invalidation of laws that forbid abortion on demand: because the Constitution gives the federal government (and hence me) no power over the matter.” -God’s Justice and Ours, FIRST THINGS, May 2002

Trial of St. Thomas More
US Flag Code
Apotheosis of Washington
Shrine to Washington in Alexandria Virginia
Popes and Freemasonry
Free Masonic influence in Mexico and the Cristeros
Alta Vendita
Interview 018 Chris Ferrara on Laudato Si
@ 1:02:00 I said “It doesn’t mean they’re still there” I meant “It doesn’t mean that they are not still there.”
Freemasonic approval of Vatican II will be discussed and documented in the next episode.

1 thought on “Interview -019 Fr. Joannes Petrus on Revolution and Counter Revolution Part 1

  1. John

    I have been listening to Father’s explanation. I disagree with his assertion that revolt began with Russia. Russia did not exist at the time of the Muslim conquest. Russia as a nation did not form until the 1500’s, after the defeat of the Golden Hoard. Even then, it wasn’t until Peter the Great that Russia became anything resembling a real nation. Russia was influenced by Europe far more than Europe was influenced by Russia. Father also states that then the Muslims pushed the Greeks west and that the Greeks they brought their paganism with them. Huh??? The Renaissance was sparked in large part by the fall of Constantinople, which was FAR from pagan. The Greek Church was the Orthodox Church, and it was Catholic until the wrong-headed excommunication of the Patriarch of Constantinople by an already deceased Pope Leo, and the subsequent sack of Constantinople by the barbarians of the 4th Crusade. The Genovese traders further weakened the eastern bulwark of Christianity so that when Mehmed II attacked in 1453, it collapsed. It was flight of Greek scholars from the old Byzantine empire and the Italian trading cities of Genoa and Venice that brought many of the new ideas from the east (the latter due to their trade with the east). In addition, technology enabled the maritime powers of Spain and Portugal to expand human knowledge and discovery. Father is confusing history here.
    The Protestant Reformation really began 200 years before Luther, Calvin and Henry VIII, with men such as John Wycliffe (mid 1300’s). I would argue that the modern rebellion in society at large is due to the Enlightenment and the growth of Secret Societies, which in turn were the result of Protestantism, which, in turn, was the result of the collapse of feudalism and the rise of the nation state due to technological changes that made it more difficult to maintain a reasonably uniform belief in Catholicism throughout Europe. The real issue is that human beings are inclined to revolt following the fall, and that satan has taken full advantage of the situation to continue to push his agenda.


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